Basket Of Yellow Roses

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Delivery Policy

In case the recipient is not available to accept the delivery in places such as hospitals, offices and other public areas, the products will be handed over to any other person as advised by the recipient.

In case of residential deliveries, if the recipient is not at home, the products will be handed over to the neighbors only if they are willing to accept the delivery.

We do not accept orders for delivery at airports and railway stations.

We refrain from calling the recipient for directions because we don't want to ruin your surprise. But if the delivery person is unable to locate the address or in case of other emergency situations, we may need to contact the recipient. Hence we request you to provide accurate and detailed information to ensure correct, prompt and a surprising delivery.

In case of incorrect information, we will not be responsible for wrongful delivery.

If it is an anonymous delivery and the recipient refuses to accept the products, no refund will be issued.

Cities/areas falling outside our delivery limit will require additional delivery charges as we will arrange for delivery from the nearest city or location where we are present.

Delivery Timings

There are many aspects of logistics involved in each order and hence we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time of the day. However if there is a particular time slot you prefer, we request you to mention it in the 'Special Instructions' section in the order form.

Service providers in different cities have varied schedules and hence we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time.

For regular weekdays, all deliveries are carried out during business hours from 9 am to 7 pm, unless specified otherwise.

Please ensure that you provide precise and correct information. As our service providers are locally based, they will try their best to ensure a timely delivery. We deliver to residential as well as office addresses, so you can request a delivery at the location of your choice.

We do not accept early cake delivery orders as we procure freshly baked cakes in the morning to ensure quality, and hence cannot deliver it to the recipient in the morning hours.

During peak business days such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day etc, our service providers extend their business hours. Hence delivery timings could be extended and cannot be guaranteed due to heavy load of orders.

Substitution Policy

We take due care while delivering the flowers and bear in mind that the actual delivery should resemble the floral arrangement shown on the site. However, flowers have a practical constraints like the quality may vary as per different seasons and climatic conditions. This is why sometimes we find it difficult to deliver the exact arrangement as pictured.

Different seasons bear different flowers; this is what makes it difficult to have the same or similar flowers throughout the year and across seasons. In such cases, when there is limited or no availability of the said flowers, we would substitute such flowers with the flowers of same or higher value.

For instance, if you ordered a bouquet of lilies and carnations, but due to seasonal constraints, lilies are not available, we would replace the lilies with Anthuriums or Birds of Paradise or any other flower of the same or higher value at the time of delivery, without changing the design and aesthetics of the arrangement.

We have observed that florists in smaller towns do not stock a few particular flowers due to lower turnover, limited availability, climatic conditions and their perishable nature; this is why, we advise that you order items that are easily available in all the cities at all times, like roses, tube roses, gladiolus, gerberas, etc. If you are unsure about the availability of a particular flower in a particular city, you can email us in advance and enquire about the availability of the desired flowers in that season at the respective city.

In case of the lack of availability of flowers or other items ordered, company guarantees that all the orders would be fulfilled to value. The shape and the size of the arrangement would remain unaffected by the substitution policy and the substituted flowers would be of the same or higher value as the original flowers.

Our first priority is not to miss the occasion, i.e. to deliver the flowers on the desired date. We have the substitution policy so that we can deliver the flowers at the right time, at the right place. We are careful enough to maintain the quality of our flowers and the arrangement and make sure that it meets or exceeds the expectations of both the sender and the recipient.

Our service providers are seasoned professionals who have the creative eye and hand to create and recreate the designs based on their rich and diverse experience and creative interpretation. They are experts in their field, are thorough about the seasonal and regional availability of the flowers and pay due attention to the overall shape, size, style and color combinations of the arrangement.

If you want the exact same bouquet or floral arrangement and do not wish for any substitution, we recommend that you enquire about the availability of the flower in the desired city beforehand to avoid any disappointment or confusion later.